ERC- Advanced Grant DyCon Computational Technician

The European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant “DyCon – Dynamic Control”, coordinated by Enrique Zuazua, aims to develop a multifold research agenda in the broad area of Control of Partial Differential Equations (PDE) and their numerical approximation methods to contribute with new key theoretical methods and results, and to develop the corresponding computational software.

Job Description

Looking ahead to contribute and assist on the development the research agenda of the Advanced Grant DYCON-Dynamic Control, led by Enrique Zuazua, Deusto Foundation needs to incorporate a Computational Technician (CT) half time with proven experience in the development and maintenance of web resources, scientific software support, systems and applications configuration and documentation management. The project begun on October 1, 2016 with duration of five years. The Computational Technician will be involved in the development and coordination of the computational activities of the project.

One of the main goals of the project is to implement the Computational Laboratory DYCON-COMP, gathering the computational and software developments generated within the project to facilitate the systematic use of data and to bridge the gap to applications. The design, development and maintenance of DYCON-COMP and its web interface will be the main task of the CT to be hired.

The Computer Technician will develop his/her activities in the Host Institution of the project, DeustoTech in Bilbao-Basque Country-Spain.

This position will provide the opportunity for the candidate to:
(1) Develop an in depth understanding of the opportunities that the broad field of Applied and Computational Mathematics offer,
(2) be constantly challenged by the rapidly evolving field of interactions of Mathematics with other disciplines and industry,
(3) extend their knowledge about computational methods and software and
(4) work with some of the top technical and scientific minds in the field of Applied and Computational Mathematics.

Job responsibilities

  • Project’s related websites and contents development, update and maintenance using CMS (WordPress) and client side web languages (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript).
  • Adaptation of software developments generated within the project to the DYCON-COMP computational platform.
  • Internal support on computational and information technologies related tasks: general purpose and scientific application software setup, configuration and support; basic OS configuration and support; coordination and interaction with host institution IT services and other external service providers.
  • Documentation Management: development, customization, format conversion, storage and maintenance of all kind of documentation generated within the project, from general purpose documents to scientific mathematical documentation(LaTEX).


EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics, Computer Sciences or Engineering. Vocational training at higher education level could also be acceptable.


  • Web development (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP).
  • CMS WordPress, including theme customization and DB management.
  • General purpose programming languages.
  • Scientific mathematical software (Matlab, Scilab)
  • LaTEX.
  • Operating systems and network services administration.
  • General purpose applications.

Number of positions available : 1

Immediate incorporation in the organization, temporary contract with economic conditions will be in accordance with knowledge and experience provided by candidates.

How to apply/Application material required

Applicants should directly write to the project manager of DyCon, Miren Arretxe, to the email address, including the following documents in pdf format:

  • Curriculum Vitae.