ANR project ICON PhD contract

The newly funded ANR project ICON- “Interactions du Contrôle, les Équations aux Dérivées Partielles, et l’Analyse Numérique”, coordinated by Enrique Zuazua, offers one PhD contract to develop a PhD thesis at Laboratoire Jacques Louis Lions, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, under the joint supervision of Emmanuel Trélat and Enrique Zuazua in the some of the topics that constitute the priorities of the project.

ICON aims at developing a multifold research agenda in the broad area of Control of Partial Differential Equations (PDE) and their numerical approximation methods to contribute with new key theoretical methods and results, and to develop the corresponding computational software, pointing towards industrial, technological, and societal applications.

The topics that the project develops, include:

  • Control of parameter dependent problems
  • Long finite time horizon control and the turnpike property
  • Control under constraints
  • Inverse problems and design for time-irreversible models
  • Memory and hybrid PDE/ODE models
  • Finite versus infinite-dimensional dynamical systems

ICON is mainly devoted to develop new analytical and computational tools but aims also at contributing to various fields of real-life applications (aeronautics, management of natural resources, collective behavior, population dynamics and multilinguism, etc). The agenda of research topics developed in ICON is doubly inspired by some of the main open problems of the discipline, and by the main challenges from the perspective of applications. The specific topics and orientation for the PhD Thesis will be defined according to the interests of the chosen candidate.

The environment

The doctoral laureate will carry out mathematical and computational research on some of the main scientific priorities of ICON in the multidisciplinary and international environment of the Laboratoire Jacques Louis Lions with excellent facilities, embedded in a world-wide academic and industrial-technological network.

The hired PhD student will also benefit from the international network of collaborators of the Thesis advisors and in particular of the involvement of Enrique Zuazua within the academic and research activities in the Laboratory DeustoTech (Bilbao-Basque Country-Spain) and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Contact for applications

Emmanuel Trélat,
Enrique Zuazua,